March 11 - 13, 2018
Pullman Hotel San Francisco Bay, Redwood City, CA

Parker Ashely


10:55 AM Changing Threat Landscapes and New Technology Outlook

The scene is changing: classic compromises like stolen data or defaced websites are being forced to share the headlines. Now Hackers are playing high-speed games on a global scale, decimating networks with WannaCry ransomware and leveraging IoT devices to bring down the internet. But attackers are also wreaking havoc in stealthier ways, waiting quietly on networks in order to undermine the very integrity of data. 

Corporate networks are changing too. Increasing digitization and the corresponding shift towards IoT technologies and the cloud mean that network boundaries are more amorphous than ever. Securing the perimeter simply isn’t possible anymore. 

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a fundamentally different approach to cyber defense. Proactive security has to think beyond rules and signatures in order to protect against the unknown. AI-based technologies have made possible self-learning, self-defending networks capable of detecting and autonomously responding to threats in real time. These cyber immune systems enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, can counter even fast-moving, automated attackers, and work across all environments, including the cloud. 

In this session, learn: 
•The implications of the new era of cyber-threats for business networks
•Why legacy approaches like rules and signatures are proving insufficient on their own
•How new immune system technologies are imperative for the next generation of cyber-defense
•Why 100% network visibility and intelligence allow you to preempt emerging situations, in real time, across any network environment, including Cloud, OT, and IoT 
•Real-world examples of subtle threats that routinely bypass traditional controls

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